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Express Digital Audit
This express audit gives you clarity about the key digital priorities for your business.
It takes the form of a 2 hours interview.
The interview covers your existing situation and pain points.
You get our recommandation as a video presentation with a written report within 48 hours.
The recommandation highlight which business processes to focus on first for your digital journey.
990.00 € 990.0 EUR
Expert Advice
When you need a trusted party to clarify a strategic question.
You provide the context of the question.
You share the options your are contemplating.
We clarify the question and options.
We identify potential blind spots.
We suggest an optimal option.
You decide based on the extra clarity you have gained.
500.00 € 500.0 EUR
In-Company Digital Master Class
The Digital Master Class for internal teams.
It provides a clear understanding of what Digital is.
And what Digital could do for your organization.
Then it focusses on how to effectively deploy Digital.

It spans on 2 days for 12 people max.
Travel and accomodation on top.
15,000.00 € 15000.0 EUR
Executive Coaching Pack
A high level executive coaching pack of 7 sessions.
Designed to help senior executives reach one goal over 7 weeks.
Led by Véronique Tonneau, certified coach with over 20 years of experience.
5,000.00 € 5000.0 EUR

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